Luca Occelli

Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Dear Mr. Occelli

I thought I would write you a letter to thank you for the recent results which were achieved through the healing session.

As you know I was skeptical about this method but having suffered with shoulder pain for several years caused through 2 dislocations and having tried everything from physiotherapy to sport massage techniques I was at a loss as to what I could do to ease the pain.

I wasn’t particularly well read on this technique but was willing to try anything. I can only describe the session as weird ! At one point I could feel the pain transferring from one shoulder to the other and then back again. The pain decreased and then increased which initially I must say gave cause for concern.

The pain subsided after what seemed to be less than 10 minutes but you informed me that it had actually been 40 minutes.

The pain subsided slowly and although it wasn’t instant at the end of the session I was actually pain free for the first time in years.

For the next few days I felt a dull ache but was certain that this was due to my lack of use of the arm, now several weeks later, still without pain, I am using my arm to its full potential and have no discomfort whatsoever.

Whilst I don’t fully understand the technique a lot of what you explained did make sense and being such a skeptic I had convinced myself that it wouldn’t work so imagine my relief and amazement at the results. I can honestly say without hesitation that this treatment has been the only thing that worked for me and for that I am very grateful. Even now I question what happened and try to understand but for me its not important as the results speak for themselves.

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and ability and allowing me to sleep without discomfort and pain.

Please feel free to use this letter as a reference.

Thanks again

Mr. P Wills


I've been having problems with my knee for about a week before I've met Luca.

I must have sustained the injury whilst doing some exercises at the gym.

The pain concentrated around the right knee cap area and extended to the back and sides of it. Not an unbearable pain, but a nagging pain that made me uncomfortable and I couldn't avoid limping whilst walking.

Despite all my efforts to get rid of it with different medications, compresses, oils and painkillers, the pain did not subside.

It was uncomfortable and made unbearable by the fact that I work on my feet for long periods of time. It was clear that something had to be done and very quick to minimize the discomfort and agony.

Luca’s session lasted 45 minutes. I could feel the tingling or vibration (energy?) whilst he approached different parts of my body without touching it. It was relaxing and comforting and made me feel cocooned and reassured that the pain would go away. I must have dozed off during the session, for it sounded like 10 minutes when I heard him saying that the session was over.

The pain has practically disappeared.

I would highly recommend it to anyone and can safely vouch for it as effective and painless.

E. Furtado


To whom it may concern,

Following a case of chronic fatigue syndrome, I went to see several traditional doctors, including a big name on Harley Street, and had no result at all. I then thought I would try an alternative path.

I went to Luca for a Reconnective Healing session. The results were immediate: I started improving visibly from the following morning, and after a week I came back to my natural strength.

G.A. Giardina

After I had my reconnection, I felt a deep sense of quiet and tranquility. It happened during a very stressful and busy period of my life and helped me to refocus and reconsider my priorities; the relaxation I gained from it opened my eyes to see what was really important.

Luigi F.

Dear Luca

I wanted to write and say thank you, not just for the immediate pain relief - which was astonishing! - but also for the feeling of 'well being' and 'wholeness' .

I have been really impressed with the 'normalness' of the sessions I have had with you.  No 'whale song' or eye-watering incense for which I am extremely grateful.

There are friends that I will have no hesitation in recommending you to.

Thanks again Luca.

Jan Clive

Dear Luca

I saw you on two occasions.  Once in October 2007 and the second time in January 2008.

Both healing sessions were extremely successful and as a result of the sessions the problem, which was unsteadiness in walking, completely disappeared and my walking was completely restored.

I have to mention that Luca is not only a gifted healer but a very kind and supportive person, as well.

Best regards,


I've known Luca through work for several years.

In 2005 I  was promoted at work. I had worked really hard for my promotion. When I started my new job I started to have major problems with some of my colleagues and also people I thought they were friends showed me they were not real friends.

I bumped into Luca one day,  I felt really closed to him. We started to talk, and told him what I was going through, the hard time I was having with everything, and the regret of having achieved my promotion.

Luca told me about Re-connective Healing, and his experience with it. So I asked to have a session with him.

We had it in the afternoon, I then went to bed.

When I woke up I went to work and I cannot explain exactly how I felt, but it was like if a new energy had created inside me. I lost all my pessimism, and I could see things in a different perspective.

I just felt completely recharged and on track with myself.

I still thank Luca today as I have not lost that energy that he gave me through Re-connective Healing.



Dear Luca,

Thank you very much for the session.

Lately, I am having severe back-bone probs. Doctors do not help That's why I am your patient now, Luca.

And as a patient I will tell you:

1. I had a strong feeling in my left leg. I would even call it a gentle pulling. That was kind of weird for, in my head I thought, that was strange since 'cos of the backbone pain I was having problems with my RIGHT leg and foot. 
2. There was a nice scent of unknown origin. I could not sort the origin out then I just dropped thinking about it and put myself into more feeling.
3. Most of the time a felt like being in the air flow, gentle breeze was soothing and that felt nice. Very peaceful!
4. On a deep level I felt that I am not alone. No, no images! But I felt that I am not alone. Very cool!..:)

Morning was excellent. I could stop smiling! Very sober, concentrated. The back-bone reminded me that it is still there, but later in the evening the feeling subsided. I feel no pain now while typing (used to have problems with sitting).

Luca! What a wonderful session! Thank you.

Have a nice day.



Hi, I am Luisa, I received the Reconnection few months ago from you.

Well, I just want to let you know that you where right, the way I see and perceive things is definitely changed! 

Now it is as if I have a great awareness that I did not have before, that gives me strength and positivity in dealing with life! 


I want to thank you and I want to tell you that this was the best purchase I have ever made in all my life.

Thanks again.



Dear Luca - I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for the most amazing experience yesterday.

Whilst the energy was coming through, my legs twitched, vibrated and jumped around, as did the rest of my torso and hands to a lesser degree.

I am extremely grateful to you for being the conduit for this incredible energy coming through from God and the Universe,- it was the experience of a lifetime and I Thank you and my daughter for facilitating it. I am extremely grateful to you, Luca and Tara, and I hold you in my prayers and heart. The vibrations carried on in my legs and body for about another half an hour after our chats.

Thank you

Lots of Love and Godbless