Luca Occelli

Reconnective Healing Practitioner

About Me

Trained Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

Private practice in Oval, South West London.

I never thought that today I would be able to allow others to get in contact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies and that as a consequence they would experience all sorts of healings, like I did.

After reading Ericís book I got curious and I enrolled for his seminar in London.

At the time the cartilage of my knees was damaged and consumed. They were painful, especially when I was running and during climate changes.

Doctors told me that the only alternative I had was to undertake a surgical operation called infiltration.

After talking to people who had their knee operated on I choose not to do it.

The same week I attended the seminar I received the Personal Reconnection.

The knees felt immediately pain-free.

I have been running ever since. I also experienced a huge sense of peace, of inner ecstasy, like a knowing that I was reconnected to something extremely powerful that transcended physicality and human limitation.

It is difficult to describe, it was like remembering something that I had forgotten although I never experienced it before.

I then started to practice on family and friends and most of the results were amazing.

I then decided to practice professionally so that I could reach as many people as possible.

Although is called Reconnective Healing, it is more that just about healing.

In fact the healings usually are a by-product of something much bigger.

It is about being reconnected to the fullness of who we really are, we then come into balance and what is most appropriate for us to happen at the moment in time is going to happen.

Luca Occelli

Reconnective Healing Practitioner